About Us

character developmental (early childhood) futsal coaching services

NearChukwu was founded by Nonso, a futsal coach with more than 10 years of experience coaching kids. He has coached in Africa, Caribbean and now, he’s bringing the joy of futsal to his Canadian community. Futsal is a fun indoor sport that is hugely popular for its fun nature. NearChukwu is rooted in this outstanding activity enjoyed by kids + adults alike. From there, NearChukwu is a community resource providing crucial after-school programs + helpful spaces for local kids.

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Helping Kids Learn the Sport of Futsal

NearChukwu is so much more than a sports coaching program for kids. It’s a place where kids can do their homework, learn important life skills, and enjoy a richer life. We’re a family-oriented organization with a passion for providing stability, safety and fun. We don’t just teach a fun sport; we use it as a vehicle to cultivate passion, discipline and joy in our athletes. Our inclusive atmosphere is welcoming to anyone, and we’re honored to develop kids who want to thrive + give back.

Make NearChukwu your child’s home after school. Make it the place where your child finds friendship, mentorship and fun. We look forward to welcoming your family to ours!