Afterschool Futsal Program

Welcome to the NearChukwu family!

Ready to have a blast while learning important skills to succeed? At NearChukwu, kids between 9 - 11 have the chance to play, learn, and thrive. We’re a community-centered organization dedicated to empowering kids through the sport of futsal. This fun, indoor sport is a great fit for athletes of all ages, and our facility is the perfect after-school hangout.

young soccer player

Helping Kids Learn the Sport of Futsal

As an attendee of NearChukwu, your child will have a chance to play a great sport. However, we offer so much more than that! Our athletes complete their homework before they play, which helps motivate them to finish what they start. It’s also a lot more fun to play when you know your homework is finished! Our safe, comfortable facility will quickly become your child’s favorite destination. You will be able to focus on work knowing your child is having a great time in a safe after-school environment where they have friends and fun.